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A Social Media Break is Coming!

July 9, 2018


Guess what time it is!?  That’s right, it’s almost time for me to take a social media break – just in time for the height of the summer season!  I’m headed to New York on business & then over to Switzerland & Italy for some additional business & pleasure.  But you know… I’m always working as a solopreneur  😉

I’m excited to see first hand how other cultures use social media… What’s popular in what location & which platforms are used by businesses.  The business people I can meet & posts I can make public for all the world to see.  For personal social media use, a great tactic is to watch the hashtag of a location you are visiting to see the latest on what’s happening & start conversations.  In fact, someone who visited #Lucerne in Switzerland had posted on Twitter about a walking tour & I’ve been in touch with them to join!  Watching the #Eiger hashtag, I’ve gotten amazing ideas for where I can hike or bike in that area!  I’ve been reading on TripAdvisor the smaller ferries to take on Lake Como that can bring you to the most amazing places  🙂 

So, enjoy summertime in all its glory & chat with you more in mid-August when I return to the States.  As always, check out my Insta account at @JacksonHoleRose if you’d like to see more of my travels as a solopreneur!

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