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Asking Past Clients for References ~

April 23, 2017

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I am always pleasantly surprised with what a past or present client writes for me in a reference.  My most recent are these:

“Last week I went to Rose Caiazzo’s social media class. I have completed exactly one of the “to-do’s” on the take aways from that class, and guess what? Over 3,000 visits to the link I posted since posting it YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!!! I also know my demographics, I think. You rock, Rose!” ~Tammy Christel, Art Blogger

“It was such a pleasure working with Rose, who seemed to have all the answers to our social media questions! I would highly recommend her candid, creative, and informative approach to any business that is seeking to grow their social media presence.” ~Tracy Ross at Y2 Consultants

“Thank you for spending time with me last week. I learned more from you in three hours than an entire 3 day course. You are a skilled professional. Succinct in your direction and a fountain of knowledge. I would encourage anyone who has yet to attend one of your training sessions to do it today!” ~ Bridget Bottomely, Grand Teton Association

I’m lucky to have all of my past kudos in 1 spot, so others can reference them.  Don’t forget to ask for these in your business!  They will be valuable for the life of your business.

If a person doesn’t know me, or how I can help – these testimonials pretty much say it all!

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