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Does Your Business Need to Change?

November 14, 2016


It’s always nice to travel.  Last month, I was asked by a client to attend the #QBConnect conference in San Jose California.  I met a lot of people in the bookkeeping, accounting & CPA world that are at the top of their game… In addition to a lot of small business owners like myself!  What I found is that the world of accounting is changing more rapidly than ever because of how people use the internet.  

Although I still use spreadsheets for my business expenses, it got me thinking about using QuickBooks Online for my business.  I used to use QuickBooks for a nonprofit I assisted back in 2008 & 2009, but they were stuck on QuickBooks Desktop.  They tried moving to the online version & found it so different than the Desktop version that they switched back!  It was too hard for them to move forward with change.  And, honestly — I haven’t thought about my “books” until now!

Is moving forward with changes in your business difficult for you too?  I find a lot of businesses aren’t able to move forward with their social media due to time constraints & not having someone to do it for them.  After working with over 100 businesses just in the Jackson Hole area, my business had to change over the years.  It’s always more powerful to approach businesses with a solution, rather than “what you do.”  

I’m in the business of bringing people education.  How does social media work for them?  How can the business owner or their staff do social media better?  What platforms have they been using?  Are they using the platforms in the right way to connect with their audience?  Are they on too many social media platforms?  Are they on enough to make an impact?

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, remember that change may be tough – but, change is GOOD.  Be thankful there are many ways to get your business out into the world because of the internet.  People are looking for what you do.  How can you make sure you can be found by them & want them to buy your product or service?

Marketing for your business is important.  Are you taking the right steps for change in your business?  Perhaps it’s something to think about as the new year approaches.  Be honest in your communications.  Show you are thankful for the audience you have.  How can you solve their problem?  

Be diligent in communicating regularly.
Be impactful.  Make that change & move towards greater success!

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Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

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