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My Interview with the Jackson Hole News & Guide!

September 11, 2016


Back in June, I was interviewed for the Jackson Hole News & Guide.  Johanna Love got in contact to do the interview & Brad Boner worked with me to take this photo.  Although “they” say newspapers are losing traction all over the world, our local newspaper begs to differ.  Jackson locals are known to read the paper regularly, & there was proof of this when people from all over town would mention to me they saw this interview.

Hopefully, you can learn a few tips & tricks from this article!  It’s written in the interviewer’s wording style, not my own (just to make that caveat)… The original is found at the link below, & the full article is pasted below for your reading pleasure.  Thank you to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, as well as to our amazing community here in Jackson.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

The Jackson Hole News & Guide Article – Caiazzo Keeps An Eye on Social Media

Businesswoman advises how to stay on top in the world that includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You probably know that social media is important to your business, but maybe you’re still having trouble quantifying its benefits. Has the pace of your “likes” slowed? Not sure whether to use a hashtag?

You might need professional help.

Since about 2008 Rose Caiazzo has been guiding businesses through the ever-expanding world of social media. Through her company Rose Consulting LLC she helps business owners, managers and employees figure out how to target their clients and what sorts of posts will translate into exposure and revenue. She works one on one, with small groups and in larger workshops.

She studied communications and holds a master’s degree in technological systems management, but the most important thing about Caiazzo’s education is that it’s ongoing. Because technology changes so quickly she is constantly reading, testing and attending seminars in her field.

The following interview has been edited for length.

Q: How do you explain what do you do?

A: I teach the secrets of social media to small businesses. Each business uses social media differently, so what is best for one business might not be best for the next.

Q: How did you realize that these skills were something businesses would need?

A: I started watching back when blogging began. They first called it social networking, not social media. I looked at the different platforms that were starting to arise: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogging. We used to call them the Big Five. I was able to get some education with the help of a state of Wyoming grant. I saw the wave of social media coming and knew it was going to be big for businesses. So I evangelized.

Q: How did the businesses respond to the idea?

A: Some said, “Facebook for business sounds a little crazy to me.” I said, “Yes, it’s going to be crazy.” Sands Whitewater, the brewpub, the Rustic Inn were my first clients in town who believed in the technology. I’ve been word-of-mouth ever since. I haven’t had to put a dollar amount on advertising. Which has been wonderful.

Q: So you don’t pay to promote yourself on Facebook?

A: Nope. That’s not to say you should never pay for posts, but you have to do it strategically. If you just pay to “boost a post” it may not work out for you. It’s going to behoove you to run some tests, at least for the feel, the look and the copy. Throwing money at it is not always the best option. There are other options.

Q: What kind of options?

A: There are many different options in Facebook in their ads manager. It allows you to hone down to the very type of audience you want to see your ad. Jackson is not such a small town any more. A lot of different things people are interested in. If you use the campaign system, it gives you many more options, like targeting. Say I’m just interested in the people who have liked the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort page. I only want you to show this ad to them. Or maybe I’m trying to target a snowboarder. So only show it to snowboarders. It’s more of a drilling down thing.

Q: How much training does it take for a small business to execute a successful social media plan?

A: It depends on how many platforms you prefer to work on. I always like to focus a small business on three. Three is much more manageable than six or more. There are a lot out there. We can hone down which ones that particular business should use and how we can produce content for those.

Q: So there’s no set number of hours a business would need?

A: Everybody’s learning styles are different. Some are at the start of their social media learning process; there are others who are more advanced. I work with both. Or I can take a look at someone’s social media and tell what they’re missing, do an audit so to speak. There’s always something to learn with social media and there’s always something changing.

Q: Do you have some “do’s and don’ts” for people?

A: Never use hashtags on LinkedIn. … Visuals you’re sharing on social media are so important; without visuals you’ll be lost in space. … There’s nothing worse than social media where you can tell the person writing the information doesn’t really want to be. We can tell.

Q: Are there questions it’s important to ask of yourself or your employees?

A: What are you doing? How are you doing it? Who is doing it? What’s the strategy? Do we need to make modifications, start some testing?

Q: What’s the atmosphere of some of the different platforms?

A: Pinterest is still mainly women in the U.S. LinkedIn is like going to a trade show — you need to be buttoned up. Facebook is different, like you’re at a pub, hoisting a beer and saying you had fun on your weekend. Inject that fun persona. Blogging is still very much important to a business because it ties into [search engine optimization] and Google searches, if you’re writing about the right things and tagging things.

Q: What are some things on the horizon of social media?

A: There’s Periscope, there’s now YouTubeLive and Facebook Live. They’re all trying to compete in this live broadcasting space. They’re each a little bit different. There’s also a ton of stuff coming with the virtual reality angle. And social media people will be unmasked. It won’t be just a company. We’ll know the people behind their posts. You see bigger companies allowing for that popularity to happen.


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Revealing the Secrets of Social Media since 2009!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

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