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When Your Facebook Page Heats Up…

August 28, 2016

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I’m involved with a project in Jackson that is VERY touchy to a lot of people.  I’m behind the scenes though – strategically advising the front lines as to what they need to do to get their community of supporters to react when needed.  I’ll share with you 5 tips I gave to them!  That way if you’re ever in a situation where you know there will be people on both sides coming to your page to comment… you’ll be prepared!

  • Always respond directly to an opposing comment, no matter what (unless they use curse words) & within 24 hours.  If they curse, remove the comment & block them from coming back to the page.  Unfortunately, inactivity on your part will appear as though you’re trying to ignore the issue and sweep it under the rug.  & the supporters of the other side will be quick to point this out in a public meeting.

  • You can definitely have your supporters post on your pages’s post, specifically to push down a comment you don’t like.  What’s great about getting this community support is that there’s a genuine credibility when fans endorse the organization for you. They become your eager virtual support agents, answering questions before you have a chance to.    

  • Tell your community to make major points to the opposition & say why they are in favor of your view.  The person commenting can’t just say, “Well, I disagree.”  Only because it really doesn’t say anything for people reading.  Always remember the lurkers on social media, they read but never respond.  What may seem like basic, common knowledge to us, might often be foreign to the person reading.  Their post will be a way to educate more people!

  • If you’re posting on the page every day, tell them to place a note on their calendar for 3x a week to monitor (Mon, Wed, Fri).  If you’re only posting on certain days – tell them which days & have them check on those days in the afternoon, if you plan on posting in the AM.  Or, you can send a message to supporters every Friday, with links to each of your postings – making it super easy for them to click & like / comment share 1x per week.

  •  Lastly, with regard to “rules of engagement” for your community, there’s not really much you need to say.  We are all adults & understand the perils of social media.  It’s rare that people go off the rails, but remember… it only reflects on that person’s passionate involvement – & doesn’t reflect on the page.  They are a supporter, & may not like it if they are told exactly how to act.  

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