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It’s Summertime in Jackson Hole!

July 23, 2016

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And, I just recently signed 2 big clients.  One in Wyoming & one in Wisconsin.  WHEW!  So, my summer is turning out to be a bit busier than expected!  Although my motto is always to work smarter, not harder – here are 3 things I use to keep things in perspective when overwhelm is riiiiight around the corner:

TAKE TIME FOR ME ::  I already know I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I still need to remember to get outside sometimes!  Getting outdoors helps me clear my head, get exercise & focus on amazing visuals like rivers & mountains.  In turn, this allows me to brainstorm how to best continue with client projects!

FORGET THE MINUTIA :: If I don’t take a step back from my work, sometimes I can miss what my focus should be for the day.  Most of us can get stuck in the “minutia.”  Which can still be very important – but it’s important to reconnect yourself to the bigger picture.  What needs to happen today & what can wait until tomorrow?

SAYING NO :: Sometimes, it’s just necessary.  I had someone ask me to do a speaking presentation this summer.  Although I’d like to help the business out, I know that most people in Jackson Hole are overwhelmed at that time.  Summer is NOT the best time for me to speak to others about education on social media.  It’s the Fall (after they realize how much social they saw others using in town!).

Hope your summer is filled with lovely days of being outdoors, less minutia & saying no – when it’s just downright necessary to do.  As always, think BIG & happy social media-ing!

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