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New Branding for Rose Consulting!

May 11, 2016

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It’s been a long time coming…

But, I’ve finally rebranded my consulting business!  Very simplistic, yes – however, it just feels right.  A big thank you to Trumpeter Design in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I have worked with over 100 organizations just here in the Jackson valley, & have spoken with many more over the years.

I have enjoyed being in the fields of communications, advanced tech and online marketing for over 20 years.  It was a major breakthrough to intuitively see the wave of social media coming back in 2009, and at this point — I’m glad most of my time is NOT spent convincing people that it really works!  Social media has now intimately changed our everyday lives, and as I’ve been in pulse of this industry from its early stages, it enables me to help others strategize like few others can.  

I have a BA in Communications, a Master’s in Technological Systems Management, as well as advanced certification for Social Media Business Strategy.  I belong to several Chambers of Commerce and do public speaking engagements regularly for area communities, and also when I travel to other cities.  In addition, I regularly invite businesses to sponsor the learning seminars/workshops I do locally and across the state.

… Perhaps you are using several sites now & can’t seem to get enough engagement?
… Maybe it’s time to explore other platforms & understand how they are properly used?
… Or, you need someone to look more closely at what you’ve been doing, to help strategize changes for immediate results?

If you are in need of assistance with your social media, you know who to call.  Please be in contact if it’s time to get your social media moving!

…    …     …     …     …

Revealing the Secrets of Social Media since 2009!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

About Me:
Skype:  RoseCLLC

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