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Have You Been Emailing Past Customers?

December 16, 2014

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I specialize in social media for businesses – that means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – you name it, I instruct on how to do it the right way.  I have seen a huge uptick in clients wanting to know more about & experiment with email campaigns.  I am a huge supporter!  There’s no doubt they can bring wonderful success, especially around this time of year…

Each small business has different thoughts on the importance of email campaigns though.  I had one client tell me they were “too busy” to send out an email to past customers & another that decided to give a wonderful discount to past clients until the end of this year!  As with everything, all must be tested – but below I share some information about email campaigns that you may not know about… which will definitely get you thinking!

A merry, merry & a bright, shiny New Year to all!

. 91% of marketers surveyed around the world will use email in their 2014 holiday marketing campaigns. (Experian)
. Designing for ‘mobile-first’ emails will soon become the norm. (Litmus)
. The highest CTR (Click Through Rate) actually occurs over the weekend. Email volumes are lower over the weekend and people finally have time read their email. (Experian)
. Subject lines matter: Personalization always is a winning trend for emails. (Campaign Monitor)
. 71% of consumers say that they are influenced by promotional emails to take some sort of action. In addition, 40% say they’re influenced to make a purchase as a result of an email received from a retailer or other company. (Experian)


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