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It’s the New Year!

January 16, 2014

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Happy 2014 to all!

What’s on your “list” for increasing your success with social media this year?
On MY list are a few things to watch (& you’ll also note they sometimes contradict each other!)

But, my job is to make sure I stay on top of it all  😉

This one from @Ekaterina (Walter):
Brands need a solution that allows them to distinguish themselves from that noise. They must create a powerful advocacy engine that sparks sustainable word-of-mouth. In the age of infobesity, advocacy becomes the most relevant filter. And by this, I mean the highest expression of brand love by a brand’s consumers and partners. In the social era, the right form of advocacy becomes true influence.  Influence isn’t about impressions, it’s about impacting someone’s behavior. And the only way to impact the behavior of others is through passion, relevance and trust. Genuine organic love for a brand influences behavior much more than a paid promotion.

This one from Neal Shaffer:
Employee advocacy will become a strategic initiative for more and more large companies. Companies are always looking outside for brand advocates, but many of their most passionate advocates are also their employees. Each individual employee has influence in his or her own unique social network, so the more employees who can help share the company’s social media messages, the broader the reach a company can achieve in social media. Many companies are beginning to realize the exponential power of employee advocacy, especially on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and I predict it will have a breakout year in 2014.

& this one from @MichaelStelzner:
Learn the paid side of social or be left behind.  As social networks become more accountable to public shareholders, they will begin implementing traditional business models requiring that marketers “pay to play.” The organic marketing benefits of social media will continue to decline. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will slowly introduce special features only to paying customers and reduce the benefits of organic activity. This shift will require marketers to go beyond engagement marketing strategies and deeply understand the paid side of social. Those that ignore paid social media will fall behind their competitors.

There’s lots more to be discussed here ~ — but I thought listing my top 3 would be enough to get you thinking about what’s most likely to happen in the new year!

& one last thing to keep in mind . . .

I’m working with some local businesses in Jackson Hole to sponsor 3 different full day training seminars for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.  Everything will be announced when the dates are locked in, the location is good to go & the Wyoming Workforces services approves them (so businesses can have 75% of them paid for)!  This is a big initiative I have, as I’d really like to educate the business community of the amazing grants Wyoming offers & how funding can be obtained every year!

Stay tuned for details ~

Connect. Inform. Grow. Simplifying Social Media!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

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Skype:  RoseCLLC

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