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#Hashtag Fun!

November 17, 2013


Some exciting days are ahead — I was just hired by a larger organization in New York that is holding an event next week.  Great things came out of our first strategic meeting, one of the most important being this: “Yeah, let’s figure out a hashtag to use for our event and make it available to our 600+ users.”


So after some researching, we came up with one.  Not only that, but when I asked if we could give something away to really bump up the engagement with the hashtag they said, “Yes, in fact — let’s give away a 32″ flat screen tv.”  Boy!  I just LOVE working with these larger companies sometimes.  It’s like POOF & the magic happens!

So, next week I’ll be tweeting my heart out via 1 special hashtag.  &, of course, reporting on it after each event day to the head of the organization (who’s not really sure what a hashtag really is, but trusts me to do this for the org)  🙂

My, my – how events have changed!
Tweet with a hashtag & win a free flatscreen?

Why yes! Didn’t you know?
It’s the way of the (new) technology world . . .

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