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The Social Media Transformation!

August 26, 2013

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Soooooo . . .

We know that in the last few years social media has completely transformed the way people live – but also how most businesses operate.  Some small organizations refuse to come into the loop at all, stating the most overused excuse — “We just don’t have time for that.”  Well, it’s true some are missing out.  However, if you use social platforms regularly, you already know how they can assist with obtaining business.

Social media is showing no sign of slowing down in usage or popularity.  Although, some battle in popularity contests against each other.  A new fact came out this month that was pretty eye-opening that I’d like to share.  Ready?

“1 out of 3 people in the United States (128 million+), visit Facebook every day.”

This is according to the latest figures released in August 2013 by Facebook.
WOAH, take a look at that again.  & maybe once more . . .

Are you missing out on how to get your business content visible/shareable on this platform in particular?

A great start is to take the time to figure out how your Facebook Page can best SERVE your audience, and then knock ’em out with amazingly valuable, fun, creative posts.  The biggest error I see on pages is businesses trying to sell themselves too much.  Facebook is about fun!  If you try this, guaranteed your customers and prospective clients will be sure to appreciate the enhanced experience, and your business will benefit as you stay top-of-mind with these folks.

I love that social media really is pushing forth a new era in business transparency and engagement.
& it’s about time!

Connect. Inform. Grow. Simplifying Social Media!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

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Skype:  RoseCLLC

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