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Social Media Trends From Zuckerberg . . . Randi Zuckerberg that is!

July 12, 2013

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Randi Jayne Zuckerberg is an American businesswoman. She’s not the wife of Zuckerberg, but rather his sister.  Interesting how entrepreneurial traits like that run in the family!  Randi is the former Facebook CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) & the Founder and Creative Director of a company called, Zuckerberg Media.

She spoke last month on the trends she sees happening in the online world & I listened!  Randi advised on quite a few trends, but I picked what I thought were the most interesting top 3.  If you’d like to see them all, check out Jeff Barak’s Blog.

* More entrepreneurs in the workplace.   It’s officially become a trend.  More people around the globe are investigating how they too can become an entrepreneur & work for themselves.  Kudos to the men & women that actually go as far as giving their own business a go – more power to them!  What’s even more interesting is that really large companies (right now in Silicon Valley) are now trying to woo and keep top talent by setting up their own start-up labs for employees.  And Google actually allows workers to spend 20% of their time on personal work projects.  Interesting indeed.

* Life is a Game?  Well, not really – but it sure is more fun with apps isn’t it?  Hmmm.  An example Randi gave was an app called “Snooze.”  It’s different because it gamifies waking up in the morning – each time you snooze your smartphone alarm, you’ll be donating $1 to a charitable cause. Look for the fun stuff & see how different your life will be because of it (if you can handle it)!

Luxury?  Yes Please.  Unfortunately, not everyone can afford major luxuries, however – now & again we may be able to treat ourselves & pay a premium for it – on demand.  Zuckerberg mentioned women renting designer dresses for special occasions and also using the Uber car service to reserve a black car (instead of a taxi) with just a tap on your phone to locate a driver closest to you.

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