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Why Every Business Wants to Be Like Merlin’s Hide Out . . .

June 26, 2013

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At the end of this week I’ll be traveling to see one of my most favorite clients, Merlin’s Hide Out. Not only are their products of the highest quality for a tannery, but the small business owners (a married couple) are amazing people. I’ll be staying with them in Thermopolis, Wyoming & am looking forward to taking a closer look at their business, in addition to spending time learning more about other businesses in town at a workshop I’m giving at the Hot Springs Museum on Monday, July 1.

Now, the main reason why I think every business wants to be like Merlin’s is this . . .

Once upon a time there was a small shed where Merlin worked his craft. He had a passion for what he did & was pretty darn good at it!  & everyone in his small town knew it – so they recommended his products to friends.  Over a short time, he became known for what he did & the business grew (also, many thanks to his wife that is so eager to assist with the business end).  His store grew so much that they had to hire other people to help, including a person who could take care of their Facebook page!

People started to notice them on Facebook.  Locals would come into the shop & say, “Wow! We love your Facebook page so much – we can’t WAIT to see what you’ll post next!”  & the client lived happily ever after, that is — in the tough world of owning your own business  🙂

When was the last time someone said this about YOUR Facebook page?  Are you sharing good content with your audience?  Merlin’s may be in a small town, however – they are anything but.  They ship buffalo rugs, wine koozies, fur holiday stockings & other lovely things around the globe.  They are a small business on the rise with a really cool Facebook page, doing something that most people are not ~

Is it time to think more on your own social media strategy?  How can you lead more people to your page?  Into your shop?  How can you involve the people of your community to support you?  There are many ways to bring people to your Facebook page – but can you keep them engaged?

Try different things, try different timing – until you find that sweet spot.
Or in the case of Merlin’s . . . that furry one!

Connect. Inform. Grow. Simplifying Social Media!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

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