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Herrrrrrrrre We Go Again (Facebook Newsfeed Changes)

March 13, 2013

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I just returned from a meeting & groaned quite loudly when Facebook started showing me little pop-up boxes to read on my page.

My initial reaction?
(Yes, even online marketers sometimes disagree with what social networks do).

There’s an “official blog post you can read from Facebook here ~ & there’s also a Mashable post that came out today ~ — & now there’s my blog post, which you are reading right now . . .

Here’s what I gleaned from these other posts (as the most important parts):

  • The move is a part of a greater effort to give users more control over the stories they want
  • It will “declutter” my newsfeed
  • The “Following” feed now lets you see stories related to your interests

& then delving into more blog posts this really has me wondering if:

  • This move will find people terribly confused by dozens of News Feed options
  • Facebook algorithms are still making decisions for me on which friends I want to see content from
  • Will I really use this new “following” option in my feed, because it requires a seperate click?

If you are familiar with the underpinnings of FB, you’ll note that these new “options” seem to be exactly what their old “lists” options were.  Now a person has access to them in a different place, with more ease.  Hmmm.  I guess we’ll all have to see how it goes.

No worries Facebook, of course I’ll give it a whirl.  I mean, you are the bread to my butter, so it behooves me to understand you to the Nth degree.  But, I can’t help but wonder . . . as Facebook gets “simpler” – does it really just get more complicated?

& we thought that status was reserved for those crazy personal relationships.

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