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A Rival to Instagram?

February 15, 2013

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 9.57.38 PM

Well, well, well.  This app is getting popular, & for good reason.  You can send a picture (or video) to your friends & after they view it — it disappears!

WOAH!  Here’s the skinny:

Snapchat is now the fastest way to share a moment on iPhone and Android – up to 10x faster than MMS. You can also control how long you want your friends to view your messages. AND they’ll let you know if the receiver takes a screenshot of your pic.

Sounds pretty advanced right?  Well, it is.

In a day where smartphones are simple to hack, it’s easy for some to forget about sensitive material perhaps — and consequences can be devastating.  So, this site allows snaps to disappear after the timer runs out.  If you took the snap, you can choose to save it of course by pressing a “save” button.  Check out the FAQs & all on their site: & then download the app to your Smartphone.

Last year, the site has now reached 50 million “snaps” a day, and guaranteed — this service will continue to make waves in the coming year.  For users over 13 only.  <– (Interesting choice of age there)

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