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Instagram -ing Your Business

January 14, 2013

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If you build it, they will come.
Hmmm, not always.

But in the case of Instagram? It’s quite possible they will — especially if you show your fans you want to be where they are & interact with them regularly.

Lots of social media platforms start out in a place where people running a business “just don’t like it” – but what they’re really saying is that they don’t want to change their social groove.  Then, the business becomes resistant to it & doesn’t even want to give it a try.  Maybe when it becomes uber-popular they’ll try it, or when someone says <tap, tap> you’re missing out on a pretty cool scene, or they see a businesses using it with real results – their pictures are all over the web (starting from the Instagram app).

Let’s take an example near & dear to my heart . . . The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Here, check this out:

JHMR has 5K+ Instagram followers. Those followers might even be on Twitter following them already & maybe even Facebook too.  Or, better yet – both!  The main point here is that JHMR is capturing the interest of people following them on Instagram.  Remember social is not about us – it’s being where your followers are.  Instagram happens to be the platform their followers like to use for real-time action & can be found there to interact with (& spread their message to other social platforms).  & there’s a few more local businesses out there doing it right like ~

Now, how might you do this for your business? Cactus Media, the agency that the Jackson Hole Tourism Board has hired to do its grand social plans is doing a great job — & they keep telling us to just DO IT (Instagram).  Sounds good, but where’s the proof that it actually works?  Well. Allow me to show you some “Followgrams . . .”

Snake River Brewing ~
The Mangy Moose ~

These Followgrams are examples of businesses that haven’t made an Instagram account just yet.  But, the public DID by taking pictures for the public to see using FourSquare to check-in. Ohhhhhh yes, we just came full circle back to the importance of FourSquare if you have a brick & mortar biz.

Want to know who’s sharing photos of your business?
(First Download the Instagram app on your Smartphone)

1. Take a photo at your business, then tap the “where?” field before uploading the photo in Instagram
2. Find your business in the nearby results or by searching for the location
3. Select your biz, then upload your photo
4. Once uploaded, tap the location name that appears in blue text above your photo to see all the photos that have been tagged with that location


So if you don’t build it?
Expect your followers to build it for you!

Connect. Inform. Grow. Simplifying Social Media!
Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

About Me:
Skype:  RoseCLLC

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