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Happy Holidays! (Huh?!)

August 29, 2012

I can hear you now ~
Rose, seriously!  It’s August!  OK, almost September . . .

Well, in the marketing world – it’s strategy time!
& I am a serious planner, so let’s talk HOLIDAYS.

Below are 4 suggestions on how to shake it up a bit this holiday season!  Try a few of these suggestions for your business & see what works (or, at least start thinking about it)!

Special Sales – Think about the sales you’ll run & the dates you’ll run them on.  Publicize special sales through social media. Tell people if they connect with you on social sites, they will get “unique” information, not sent out to the general public.  For example, post about amazing early-bird specials, serious Black Friday deals or do fun posts for gift ideas (suggesting gift ideas is a great way to get people thinking about what to buy when they haven’t bought anything yet).

• Stay Interactive – Although the holiday season is a time to focus on sales, don’t forget that social media is a way to interact with your audience and create brand loyalty.  Post holiday related questions or polls to keep people interested.  The interactions will have your following thinking about your brand & staying top-of-mind in their newsfeeds if you are posting regularly.

 Cool Contests – Promote contests that will bring newcomers to your following, in addition to bringing consumers into brick and mortar stores if you have one.  An example for a contest could be, “Be one of the first 50 guests to make a purchase in our store tomorrow & receive a free gift.” These contests will get consumers attention because everyone likes free things (for themselves), especially during the holiday season!

• Remember to Give – It is important to remember that the holidays are about giving. Especially for businesses.  Use social media to promote what you will give back to the community during the holiday season. Raising money for a nonprofit is popular in Jackson Hole, but you could also set up your own “toy drive” or “collection” at your business to donate to an organization in need.  You can even offer a discount if they bring something in.  Also, the nonprofit you work with can also push your info on their social media channels too!

Happy Holidays!  LOL

Connect. Inform. Grow. Simplifying Social Media!
Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC

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