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Training One-On-One Requires Patience

July 31, 2012

This month I was asked to be an Online Advisor to the “Facebook for Business” class, available to organizations across the state of Wyoming. Most of these companies are new to Facebook & want to learn how to make it work — so they’re pretty darn motivated.  & although I can teach social media at any level, I really do heart the newbies!  There’s something about working with them & seeing (or hearing via conference call) their “A-HA!” moments.

There are people that have what it takes to be in the field of marketing & even in the field of “being social” (a new crop of “specialists” have popped up), but not everyone in the field has the ability to connect with people in the way that’s needed for training.  Many of these new social experts would love to take hold of your social media & actually do the marketing for you, but they don’t prefer to teach people how to do it successfully on their own.  Why?  Hmmmm . . .

I believe it has a lot to do with patience.

There’s patience for lots of things.  For instance, in my mind — patience with children is very different than patience with adults.  Oftentimes, people think they are good at teaching BECAUSE they have children, but never really see the major difference between working with kids or adults.  You might have experienced this for yourself – being trained by someone who sounds more like a doting or rebuking parent, rather than someone who can motivate you to learn.

Now, I enjoy teaching people – but I know myself . . . I am definitely not meant to teach a room-full of very small children.  I don’t think I have the patience for that (& thank goodness for the people that do)!  However, I do have the patience to be in a room filled with many adults with a million questions.

How can this be?
I think it goes back to the A-HA moment.

& let’s hope I can give a few of those tomorrow at my Pinterest seminar at the National Museum of Wildlife Art!

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