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The Power of FourSquare!

April 13, 2012

Oh wait.  I haven’t been using FourSquare for almost 2 weeks.  I suppose that’s because I just had 2 major operations last week & am trying to “recover.”  In which I realize now that recovery is more like: I don’t go anywhere  😦

Sometimes, things going on in our lives tell us we have to slow down & relax a bit.  S-L-O-W is not really a word I keep in my vocabulary (& slowing down has always been difficult), because I so enjoy being at the heart of the Jackson Hole business world.  Anyone that lives here knows me to be very outgoing – I love attending meetings, functions & of course . . . being social.

So, back to FourSquare.  I’ll start using it again in 5 weeks, but really — WHY use it?

In my opinion (you are reading my blog after all, so everything here is based upon my opinion), I tell my Jackson Hole clients that there’s no better way to learn a platform & use it for their business in the best ways possible – unless they become a user of the technology themselves.  I’m always super-proud of my clients that become “Tweet-Masters” that secretly loathed the technology to start, “Facebook-Experts” that never knew how easy social could be with a strategic plan, & yes – the client that I watch on FourSquare actually enjoying taking pictures of the places they check-in at!

These break-throughs & “ah-ha’s!” make my job very enjoyable.  I like teaching adults, always have. But, what about this FourSquare business?

Using FourSquare is not difficult, but I think most people may not agree with the concept of what it is.  Letting people know where you are when it’s happening.  With that being said, many people from a small town will not use FourSquare regularly . . . but if they did?  They would see how visitors to our area become EXCITED about using it. Telling their friends they’ve checked into here & there while on vacation.  Business owners in Jackson Hole would also learn more about the platform when they traveled themselves, what similar businesses offer as “deals” – & all while saving some cash along the way.  Hmmm.

So, maybe it’s time to learn more about FourSquare & use it?
When you do, go ahead & search for me – I’ll connect with you!

& for now I’ll leave you with my favorite FourSquare story.  It happened one day at the Atlanta International Airport . . . I checked in, a friend from years past saw the check-in on Facebook & invited me up to the Sky Lounge free (8 gates down from where I was hanging out with the angry masses) while our flights were delayed & the thunderstorms passed.  I saw an old friend, relaxed, had a drink & then was on my way.

Cheers!  Here’s to 5 more weeks of recovery & getting back into the 4SQ world!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC
Discover the Power of Social Media.

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