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Watching the SuperBowl (Ads) Tomorrow

February 5, 2012

What can I say?  I’m a marketer  🙂

I’ve always watched the SuperBowl for the ads, which most people thought was odd (especially when I was young) – but this year it’ll be different.  Why?  Because I’ll be watching the SuperBowl with another savvy marketer!

It will also be different, because I’ll be watching brands closely & how they ask people to connect with their social media.  I’m always into great ideas to pass along to clients, or brainstorm on a few to embellish & then recommend.  Television is a great medium, but it’s a one-way communication with no room to participate.  When a company breaks that barrier & asks people to become part of a conversation, add their own picture, or upload a creative video – now THAT’S what today’s marketing is all about! Connections.

I took a break earlier & read the latest Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine.  I’ve been collecting them since I arrived in 2007 to this amazing community.  When I read it, it reminds me of how much my life has changed since moving here.  At first, I used to just gawk at the pictures & read all the articles about the snowboarders & their lives in the pow.  Now, I (still) gawk at the pictures & closely read all of the ads.  I want to see if Jackson Hole is marketing specifically towards this specialized segment of our community.  Some do a great job, including one of my clients: Snake River Brewing.  That’s their ad at the top.

So, I suppose tomorrow won’t be any different.
I’ll definitely have my “Marketing Goggles” with me . . .

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