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3K+ Texts Per Month?

December 17, 2011

I’m usually so busy during the week, I reserve my weekends for learning & staying up on trends in the online & social media space.  This week my free time happens to be on a Friday night (!!)

So, I just read a blog post about how Nielsen recently did a new study on teens aged 13-17.  & yes, they text more than 3,000 times per month.  In fact, to be exact with their average – it’s 3,500 texts per month (about 7 texts per hour).  For the entire study, click here:

Wow.  Now that’s a surprising figure.  & not only did Nielsen mention that it’s young people texting more, but other age groups have been increasing their mobile usage & texting averages.  It’s not just teens.  The age range 55 to 64 grew its average monthly data consumption from 59MB to 133MB.  What the studies continue to show is that people are using their mobile devices to access the web more WAY more than in the past.

This has a significant impact on businesses & their marketing strategy.  If you thought Social Media was difficult to get a handle on, wait til you see the complexity of mobile device advertising campaigns!  Part of my corporate world background happens to be in the mobile space (I worked for Symbol Technologies, which has since been acquired by Motorola), & I was there in the early 2000s working with engineers to understand the complexities of mobile devices.  Imagine where that space is now & how much it’s expanded!

Although I’m looking forward to some down-time soon for the holidays, I still think about presenting for the Chamber of Commerce in March of 2012.  I just put out a survey asking people to check off what topics they are interested in & I’m hoping that the Jackson Hole community selects “Mobile” as one of the things they’d like to learn more about (as I’d like to move people in this direction).  Living in a small town, we don’t always use these features ourselves – but, we have to remember the people coming into our town to visit DO.

It’s clear to me that a mobile marketing strategy will increasingly be important for any business planning to do (& keep) their business rolling into the future.  Now, I just need to convince everyone.  OK . . . maybe not everyone.  Some of my clients are early adopters of new technology like The Brew Pub & The Bunnery.  & most likely, these early adopters will win out over other businesses not using this technology at all.  ‘Nuff said (for now).

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