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Why Holiday Marketing?

November 28, 2011

I debated if I should do a presentation in December on this, because it really is a very important topic for any business.  This is the time that consumers are buying (& in my case I buy more presents for myself than for friends & family!), & the most important step in leading customers is to think strategically about the WHY & HOW to get customers to come make a purchase.

I read another blog by HubSpot that does a great job of giving examples of how the “powerhouse” marketer engages their audience.  It’s a great post & could possible spark some ideas for your biz:

But, really – how does the small business engage?  Quite simply, social media is one of the best ways to bring interest to your brand . . .

WHY?  Because people like to be heard. They want to know you’re listening.  Put some info out there, see if people respond to it.  If not, don’t despair.  Do more testing & change up the frequency/day/timing/content.  Social media can be easy, but really only once you’ve found what your audience likes!

HOW?  Start with a written strategy.  Decide what days you want to post on.  What about the time of day?  Post things about your biz, but also what’s happening in your town for the holidays?  Would your audience maybe connect with the events going on?  Because I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – I find that most of my clients products/services really connect with a sense of place.  People typically come here to vacation & long to come back.

Keep these things in mind for December . . . which will arriving shortly!

& PS:  I picked the picture above because not only does Starbucks do a great marketing job, but our community is excited that they finally came back to the Jackson Hole area this month  🙂

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