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Social Media for Nonprofits

October 17, 2011

I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It’s also one of the most philanthropic communities around, with over 200 nonprofits.

When I first came into town, I worked for PAWS of Jackson Hole as their Associate Director, which is a non-profit that assists the Teton County Animal Shelter.  It was great fun!  Mostly, I enjoyed doing the dog-walking – even if it was below zero some days . . .

There’s much we can learn from non-profit organizations.  They work much differently than a for-profit business, which is why Social Media for these types of structures is much different.  Early next year, I plan to do a seminar geared directly towards the nonprofits in town – but, since I am doing 6 seminars between this month & next, I think it’s best to wait for after the holidays on this one!

For now, here is some current info to share about nonprofits: the ones that are doing it best & have the largest folowings.  If you are in the no-profit biz, I suggest you have a look at these top organizations to see what you can glean from them at this point!  Oh & PS: 92% of all nonprofit sites contain at least 1 social media button.

Top Highest Earners*:
YMCA of the United States of America
Catholic Charities USA
United Way

Most Twitter Followers*:
Public Broadcasting Service
American Red Cross

Most commented on Facebook*:
Public Broadcasting Service
The American Red Cross
The Nature Conservancy

*These stats looked at the nonprofits with the highest incomes in 2010.

Let’s not forget that some of the most Social Media savvy orgs reside in the bottom income bracket, so it’s good to check them out too.  Remember, Social Media for nonprofits is about fostering conversations & relationships, not “getting” money.  That comes later, with other tools, once a true connection has been made.

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