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Brand Attacks!

September 20, 2011

Are you ready for a brand attack?  You might not be if you haven’t thought through some worst-case scenarios & how your business can respond to them. Here’s some tips for what to do in a crisis . . . & for your plan, because — if you own a business — you need one!

• Don’t ignore the post & definitely do not delete it thinking it will just “go away.”
• Don’t wait too long to respond. A quick response is critical.
• Don’t be defensive instead of apologetic.  Admit your mistakes.
• Address all platforms this incident might have spilled out upon, especially the one in which the incident surfaced.
• Start monitoring your brand 24/7. A great free tool can be found from Google Alerts –
• Prepare a crisis strategy that’s ready to go when the dark moments hit.

Oh!  & PS: I’m using the Mac now, although it’s definitely taken some time for a hard-core PC lady to get used to it!

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