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The World of Apple

September 4, 2011

It’s hard to believe, but just about  year ago — I was given an iPhone III hand-me-down.  I was a little nervous at first (switching over), but now — it’s like old hat & I love how easy it is to use.  So why is moving from a Windows laptop to an Apple one so darn difficult?

I purchased a Mac in April & it’s continued to sit in the corner of my office.  It sure is pretty.  Call me silly, call me resistant — but, I find that I’m just TOO BUSY.  I’ve tried to move info over 4 times, & each time, I stop & move onto another project.  Everything seems really different on the Mac (I think that’s the point).  I just haven’t been able to commit to moving all of my business items over to it.  My friend even said that he was interested in buying it from me, if I wasn’t going to use it!

The buzz these days is about Steve Jobs departure from Apple.  & when it comes to selling the Apple brand & products, no one is more capable than him.  More than a decade ago, Apple was potentially on the brink of disaster & while many people were involved in turning the business around, Steve Jobs, provided the vision that led the company to new heights.

Apple is hot!  That’s why I bought my laptop from them & not Dell or IBM this time.

& Apple products will still continue to sell without Steve Jobs at the helm.  The consumers who propelled this company to success aren’t buying Apple because of him; they’re buying because the products are “awesome.”

So, I’M going to need to make an awesome change myself real soon!
Maybe today . . .

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