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Keep Your FaceBook Contests Legit

August 19, 2011

For those of you who live in Jackson Hole, I will be holding a social media seminar series in the month of October.  Each Friday from 8-9AM at the historic Wort Hotel, I will discussing a different social media topic.  I plan to put out a survey on which topics interest the community, however — I’m pretty darn sure this is going to be one of them.

Reason being, a large amount of Facebook pages run contests that put them at risk.  People hardly ever look at Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines – but when you do?  You will see what’s incorrect about your contest.  Most importantly, if FB finds that you are operating a contest outside of their rules, they can do the most frightening thing of all — DELETE your page without warning!

No one wants that of course, so instead — here are a few of the most important points to help you keep your contest legit:

*  Never use the Facebook Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.  This means: you can make fans like your page before filling out a contest entry form, but the form has to be the actual entry mechanism, not the act of liking a page.  This also means you can’t condition contest entries on upon users liking your wall post, posting a comment, or uploading a photo to your wall.

* Use 3rd party apps for detail on your contests. Larger company budgets can use the Wildfire app & small businesses with a limited budget can use an app called Easy Promos.  If you are resistant to apps, you can also do everything through your blog . . . you do have a blog right??

* Never notify winner through Facebook.  This includes messages, wall posts, comments & even via chat!

There’s lots more on this, but again — most likely this topic will be discussed at the seminar series in October!  “Meet me at the Wort . . . “


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