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Fab or Flop? Google+

August 12, 2011

Google+ is the latest social media site being pushed out into the world.  I have been keeping myself updated with as much information as possible, attending webinars & reading blog posts on the subject. So far, here’s what I see:

* Google+ has 25 Million users (as of today, just watched a webinar!)

* Google+ closely resembles Facebook (the home page streams feeds of information posted by people in your “circles”)

* Google+ is similar to Twitter (people can add you to their circles and see what you are posting)

* You still cannot open a business name here yet (it’s personal accounts only for Beta)

So the question is — should you use Google+?

While the buzz is generally positive about Google+, there isn’t a way to know if this site is going to gain the kind of popularity of sites like FaceBook & Twitter.  Also, if you recall — Google launched other social media tools (like Google Wave which never caught on), so it is still a bit early to get on the Google+ bandwagon.

It’s important to note though, that Google IS the most popular website in the world, so it seems reasonable that their social media site has the same potential for growth. So, it’s OK to take a step back and see how Google+ develops. Not to worry — you’ll definitely have time to get on the bandwagon when your clients, prospects and plain old “peeps” decide to do the same!

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