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Measuring Social Media?

May 11, 2011

Oh yes you can!
& here are some steps to help with your success ~

* Have a goal & define expected results.  Which includes: looking at other people in your industry to see what they are doing to capture & keep their audience!

* Social media is not really free.  Time is money!  Know where to find your audience & use those platforms.

* Check out the metrics!  So many of my clients get the jitters when I mention this part, because they just don’t like to take the time to do it.  After all, it IS a part of your overall marketing & extremely important to see what’s working.  ie: FaceBook insights tell all!

* Compare yourself against your best competitors, have that benchmark!

* Always repeat the loop:  analyze results — gather understanding — take action (try again)!

Remember — “You get what you measure”

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC & Rose Recordings, LLC
The Art of Voice. The Power of Social Media.

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