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Heck Yes, Heck No & Maybe

May 6, 2011

I read a blog post from a few days ago by Andrea J. Lee, creator of the “Wealthy Thought Leader” ( & what she said makes A LOT of sense . . .

She states that as a business owner, it’s quite possible that your brain is likely cluttered (Yes! Please help me Andrea, my brain is about to explode!). On a day-to-day basis I am continuously thinking of how to help my amazing small-town community, how to generate more revenue for myself, and what kind of programs to offer/products to create. So, now I’m at the point of being extremely overwhelmed. Andrea suggests it’s time to declutter . . .

& put things into 3 buckets to categorize what’s going on.
The HECK NO bucket, the MAYBE bucket, and the HECK YES bucket.

Now you think about all the things in your business that you currently have in place and ideas and thoughts you are considering. Place them in the appropriate column. If you’re not sure where the thought goes, great! It’s a maybe. (Post excerpts were taken from Andrea’s original blog post:

I’ve already decided that tomorrow (Saturday), I will move from my old computer to my brand new Mac (which has been sitting in a corner for the last few days because I haven’t had time for it). How do you not have time to move to a Mac!? Then I plan on going up to the Amangani Hotel (that has a fabulous view of the Tetons) to have lunch and work on restructuring my new Social Media Coaching program.

I suppose it doesn’t help that I put all my things “To Do” on NEXT Saturday’s schedule.
But at some point, I know I’ll get there . . . and most likely – with the 3 buckets 😉

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