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Top 10 – Do’s/Don’ts for Your Business Plan

April 16, 2011

Since I’m writing a business plan right now to obtain funds from the Wyoming Women’s Business Center at the end of this month (for recording equipment), I thought this would be a great item to share!


  • Don’t get overwhelmed – complete 1 section at a time
  • Spell out everything, people don’t know your business!
  • Submit your business plan to experts in your field for advice/suggestions
  • (You have to:) Include a monthly one-year cash flow projection
  • (You’re not necessarily “done”:) Frequently modify your business plan to account for changing conditions


  • Depend entirely on the uniqueness of your business or the success of an invention
  • Try to be everything to everybody – niche markets usually do best
  • Disregard or discount weaknesses in your plan, spell them out
  • Proceed without adequate financial and accounting know-how
  • Base your business plan on a wonderful concept. Test it first!
OK, back to my business plan for Rose Recordings, LLC!
It’s at 43 pages right now & I saved all of the financials for last (lucky me)!


Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC & Rose Recordings, LLC
The Art of Voice. The Power of Social Media.
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