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Steven Spielberg Said I Should Be the Next “IT” Girl!

February 19, 2011









(Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws)

Lately I’ve been getting quite a bit of commentary on the Line One Accounting TV commercial I did. I’m apparently all over town, including the movie theatres, PO Boxes & on the company FaceBook page.  I also live in a pretty small (amazing!) town & have quite a few contacts because of my businesses, but I never expected so much feedback from people:

“I saw you in my mailbox today!”
“I went to see a movie last night & there you were . . . on the big screen!”
“Did you know you are on Line One’s Website!?”
“She should be the next ‘IT’ girl.”

Woah! Let’s back up here . . .
The last comment was totally unexpected — especially since I was told it was said by the amazing filmmaker, Steven Spielberg. Apparently, I know someone that knows him. & he made the comment to my friend last week while he was visiting. Wow.

Now of course, if you know ME — then you know that I’m going to take this opportunity to contact him directly.  It may be a sign!  Plus, these types of things always motivate me into action.  I did just have professional photos of myself taken in the recording studio & I have a killer voice over demo!

Either way, I’m going to try & send him an email & follow it up a week later with a phone call. You never know where it might lead to . . . an email reply, an agent he recommends, or maybe even a lunch date with the famous Mr. Spielberg!  It’s also possible that my email may of course go unread, unnoticed, or land in his junk folder – but I have to give it the ol’ college try.

Why not? Do you think he says that about everyone?
I mean, y’know — I could be the next “IT” girl    😀

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