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My New BFF: Melissa Disney

January 23, 2011






I’m excited about this Monday.  Reason being, I signed up for a free teleseminar to hear one of Hollywood’s top female voice talents talk about her experience in the industry:

There’s no doubt that Melissa Disney is considered one of the most successful women in voice over today.   She’s “broken into” the ranks of top promo and trailer voice talent (a field typically dominated by men) & is also considered a triple-threat (she does on-camera & stage work, in addition to voice over).

So, what does this woman have that Walt Disney Theme Park rides want?  How does she get Mattel to offer her the voice of Cinderella’s Easy Bake Oven, & yet also get hired by Budwiser to do an adult themed commerical?  Just how many voices does Melissa have?

Hmmmm, well – I’ll be listening in & learning as much as I can from this amazing woman!  I practice about 20 spots a day through the job auditions I receive on (from farm animals to computer robots), & I’m planning for a complete home recording studio in the next 3 months.

Melissa & I?  I can feel it — in the next few years?  We’re gonna be buds  🙂

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