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Using Social “Bookmarking” Sites Like a Pro

July 30, 2010

They sure are popular, that’s for sure . . . some of these sites have over a million members! 

So, if you think you’ve mastered FaceBook & Twitter at this point, maybe it’s time to check out a few bookmarking websites. Not certain what a social bookmarking site is, or what they can do for your business?  Here’s my reco:

Step 1 – Find a bookmarking site you like.
Step 2 – Get used to the site
(Remember, each site has different users. Finding one that works with your niche is a must.)
Step 3 – Start submitting websites with quality content
(ie: this could include your business blog, YouTube videos of your product, etc!)

Below are the TOP 3 sites being used by people across the globe right now, check them out! –>
Joining & creating a profile is very similar to FaceBook, but the overall point of Digg is for people to discover & share content on the web (anything — news, videos, images, etc.).  All stories are submitted & voted on by the community members, with some comments + a thumbs up or down. If a story becomes popular enough, it gets promoted to the front page. Businesses can be tempted to submit listings, advertisements & other ‘articles’ that could easily be construed as pitches, so beware!  Doing this will get you labeled as a spammer & ban your URL from Digg altogether. 

Digg is a social media network, so don’t forget the social aspect. As you develop a network of friends on Digg it is good to occasionally visit their Digg profile to see if there is something they have Dugg that you too might like to Digg.  Take a tour with them here & see if you want to join up & have a shot at being the next big thing! or just check out How Digg Works: –>
Reddit works similarly to Digg.  Users then vote what’s good & what’s junk, but you can’t “bury” posts here like you can with Digg. Links that receive community approval bubble up towards #1, so the front page is constantly in motion & filled with fresh, interesting links.  1 thing you need to know about Reddit:  They do not remove allegedly defamatory content. The only exception to this rule is if the material has been found to be defamatory by a court.

& interestingly enough, Digg fans are NOT usually Reddit fans & vice versa.  Have a peek at this discussion thread: Learn about both & see which one you like.  Or, you may just prefer some different niche bookmarking sites that aren’t listed here! 

Delicious (it’s no longer by the way) –>
This site is a bit different.  You can bookmark any site on the Internet you find useful & may want to come back to periodically, & get to that link from anywhere — instead of having “favorites” saved on different computers.  The reason why this trend is considered social, is because you can also share your bookmarks, and discover new & interesting bookmarked websites (searching by tags) other people are using.  As far as organizing your bookmarks, Delicious seems to be the better platform.

& before this starts to sound more complicated than it actually is, just have a look at this “in plain English” video!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC & Rose Recordings, LLC
The Art of Voice. The Power of Social Media.

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