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Expressing Emotion . . . Practice Makes Perfect?

June 16, 2010

A voice over professional is not only an artist of the spoken word, but an actor! 
(Not a pizza-delivery guy — you’ll understand more about the pic above as you read on . . . )

A voice over actor MUST sound natural*.  If you don’t – no one will hire you to record their scripts!  A professional will have the ability to express any emotion naturally with their voice. It’s a bit different than in regular acting, because the audience cannot see facial expressions!

* Did you know?  A voice over artist expresses emotion in a completely natural, honest & believable way by practicing.  Yes, really — practice makes perfect in this case!

Let’s get inside of the mind of a voice over actor for a moment.  The best way to practice voicing a particular emotion is to take a “run-of-the mill” question & run it through a list of emotions to act out.  Take a stab at the short list below & see how it goes (some of these can really be tough)! 

“How do you feel about ordering a meat-lover’s pizza?”


(I think it’s time for pizza now  🙂 )

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