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10 Fab Tips for Businesses Using FaceBook!

June 10, 2010

(A puppy giving us his happy face + his “10 pads!”)

Most entrepreneurs & business owners know that FaceBook is a HIGHLY effective tool for making connections, marketing your brand & bringing good info/tips to your audience.  Have a look below at the 10 tips I suggest a client consider . . . all but 1 are FREE!

1.  Most importantly — Be prepared to make social networking a long-term strategy!  You don’t want to burn out & stop connecting with your fans on a weekly basis, as you will quickly lose their interest.

2.  Fill out your profile completely (to earn trust) & have your website, blog & other social media site addresses listed as well.  Let them connect with you everywhere!

3.  Obtain a FaceBook vanity URL so people can find you more easily (you need at least 25 fans).  Visit: for more information.

4.  Add this FaceBook web address to your email signature.

5.  Share links & articles that would interest your audience, but also post photos of you/products to reinforce your brand.

6.  Post upcoming events including webinars & conferences that you will be attending.

7.  Market your products by posting give-aways, discounts, or package deals.

8.  Expand your network by searching & “liking” groups & fan pages related to your business by industry, location & career.

9.  Find experts in your field through FaceBook & invite them to be a “guest writer” for your blog (you need a blog  😉  ).

10.  Buy FaceBook ads to target your exact audience (this is the 1 reco that costs $$).

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC & Rose Recordings, LLC
The Art of Voice. The Power of Social Media.

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