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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

May 27, 2010

  • Have you ever needed to do a presentation for work?
  • Spend a few hours on a conference call?
  • Work an entire day at a trade show?

Oftentimes, people forget that it’s important to take care of your voice when there’s a lot of speaking involved.  As a consultant, I sometimes give presentations & talk with clients on the phone regularly, however – part of my business is professional voice over.  So, I take things seriously if I have a recording, or I’m chatting away in the studio for my radio show, “Local Lady Talk.”

Below are some food & drink options that can either HELP or HARM you before having to speak (you may or may not know some of these already).  So before you reach for a pre-made lozenge, maybe next time you can try one of nature’s quick fixes!



Instead of picking up a bubbly soda or acidic juice, reach for water. Water* really is the best thing for keeping your throat moist.

*Although it’s important to keep the body well hydrated, don’t forget to lay off on your intake an hour or so before your presentation, as you don’t want to keep putting everyone on hold while you take a bathroom break!

Personally, I love ThroatCoat tea for its effects, but honestly – I think the taste is just plain awful!  Hot tea & honey is really good for keeping your voice in tip top vocal shape (beware of teas with a citrus base though).

Perhaps due to their natural oils, these fruits moisturize the throat & give it an extra layer of protection – like a balm. The effect is immediate, but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long.  Unless of course you continue eating avocados . . .

Green Apples
Did you know this one?  It’s a fav of voice artists around the globe.  For anyone, it’s a good trick for helping reduce “dry mouth.”  Granny Smith or Pippin green apples have a special kind of acid that can cut through mucus & can get rid of extra (lip-smacking) mouth noise.



Steer clear of anything dairy. Cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream & butter all thicken the mucus in your throat, which can constantly make you feel like swallowing or clearing your throat.

Sugar /Salt
Sugar is bad for vocals as it creates a lot of sticky saliva that gets in the way.  It’s best to stay away from high salt too because it will dehydrate the body & possibly cause more mucus.  Nuts, wheat products & spicy foods are also a big no-no.

Say no to chocolate and any other caffeinated foods or beverages.  Not only does caffeine affect your anxiety levels, it is a diuretic that can deplete your body of the water it desperately needs!



A libation may seem like a helpful tip (especially to relax your nerves), but it’s really not.  From the first sip, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream & reaches the brain where it interferes with fine motor control.  In addition, it’s a depressant, so it can easily trigger episodes of anxiety & lethargy.

*Important Note*
& finally, remember to ALWAYS eat meals (these are just additional options!), because skipping them could mean you’ll lose your focus, feel faint, get the jitters, or your stomach growls might even be loud enough for others to hear!

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