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My Personal Transition into VO

April 22, 2010

So here’s how it happened . . .
(The transition from singer to voice over artist that is)

For many years, I’ve acknowledged that I am a “closet musician.”  I’m not one to readily admit I have talent.  Not a lot of people know I took acting classes as a kid, tried modeling as a pre-teen & have been singing ever since I was 5 years old . . .

After performing in countless school musicals/concerts & taking high school electives like theatre, chorus & film, I moved onto college.  At Marist, I was awarded a vocal scholarship & traveled the US & to other countries for performances.  Here, my training became intense & I learned about proper breathing, posture, diction, sight-reading, tonality, rhythm, interpretation, & characterization skills. 

I am a “by ear” person, which for me — includes NOT being able to read notes.  I just know when the note is right!  So yes, that does mean I fooled all of my music teachers, because I was able to get around it.  I hold a Minor Degree in Music, yet cannot tell you what note is which & where it belongs on a musical scale!  However, to everyone’s amazement, I can instantly make up lyrics to go with music; magically create harmony out of nowhere & move people to tears when I sing Ave Maria.

So!  Although my passion for music has always inspired me – unfortunately, my level of stage fright when performing musically has been severely limiting over the years.  Now that I’ve moved on to voice overs, I am able to perform & record, but not with all eyes focused on me (which really puts me at ease to do my best)! 

I understand now why voice over feels so natural to me . . .

As a trained singer, many of the tools and techniques I developed match perfectly to what’s needed for doing professional voice over.  My voice is still being used as an instrument in a performance, but in a distinctive way that’s comfortable for ME.  When recording any script, I envision creating a vocal masterpiece using the spoken word.  My voice is already pleasing to the ear, so now it’s just a matter of speaking rather than singing!

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC
The Art of Voice. The Power of Social Media.

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