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Who’s on Top of their VO Game?

February 24, 2010

I am!  & so are lots of people in the business . . .
Here’s what I do personally, to make sure I’m always on top of my voice over game!

…Always look to improve yourself
     – Read books & go to workshops to learn more about the business.

…Be your own agent
     – YOU need to work on every aspect of this business to make it happen.

…Know your voice
     – But always test the limits.  See what else you can bring to the table.
       Here’s one where I pushed myself & won (Yes, I was paid to be an English teenager):

…Make your sound competitive
     – What do you have that no one else has?  Set yourself apart.

     – Makes perfect.  Yes, we know  🙂

Remember, there’s always something to learn.
& the most important thing to learn is . . . from your mistakes!
Stay focused & watch yourself rise to the top ~

Rose Caiazzo of Rose Consulting, LLC
The Art of Voice. The Power of Social Media.

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