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Welcome to a New Decade!

January 20, 2010

Thanks for visiting!
I’m your new blog host –> Rose Caiazzo

So!  Let’s start off with the most important part of this blog site . . .
I am a VERY proud business owner & absolutely love working as a consultant in the many diverse areas of marketing.  This blog, however, will concentrate on 2 exciting & very specific specialities of my business: Social Networking & Voice Over

If you think social media is a trend, now’s the time to kiss that thought goodbye.  If you’re still not sure, just Google Generation Z & you’ll see what I mean.  I constantly advise clients on how social networking can really translate into BIG business.  & if you’re just not sure what “social media” or “social networking” are — I recommend checking out this YouTube video right now!

The business of Social Networking is a natural fit for me, as I acquired my Master Degree in Technological Systems Management in the year 2000.  In 2010, I became a certified Social Media Strategist.  However, in order to stay connected & continue to unearth the secrets of each networking site — I must educate myself daily to further understand & explore the impact of social media on the world. 

Now, let’s switch gears! 

With regard to voice over, I have been making professional recordings for years.  I mainly use the soothing “radio voice” I was blessed with, but can also easily morph my sound into whatever a client prefers.  I even have my own radio show in town called, “Local Lady Talk” — where most of my fans are male!

Yet . . . everyone thinks being a professional voice over artist is always so glamourous — & tend to forget it really is a serious business.  It takes much more than a great sounding voice to be successful. While clear speech is essential, you also need the ability to read a script to make it sound believable & sincere.  In my opinion, this has more to do with acting ability & timing, rather than actual voice quality.

In turn, this blog has been created in the spirit of group discussion, where chatting openly about the explosion of social media or sharing information about professional voice over are commonplace.  Some content posted I’ll write & others items of interest I’ll repost with links. 

In this era of many “experts,” it’s sometimes hard to determine who the honest people are . . . Well?  Whether you’re from the baby boom or Generation Z, you can rest easy here.  I’m just a woman with some smarts that likes to share.  A woman in the business of Social Networking & Voice Over.  A woman with real clients.  A woman with a vision.

Check out my business website, to find out more about me!

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